Product Description


  • Micro Processor Based

  • Automatic measurement and calculation of CALORIFIC VALUE/WATER REQUIVALENT

  • Big JUMBO LCD Display (Blue)

  • In-Built Printer

  • 16 Soft Touch Keypad

  • Weight of tablet feed able

  • Water equivalent feed able

  • Full test report print out with date & time and company name

  • Temperature scanning resolution of 0.010 C

  • Alarm on firing & after the test completes

  • Sensor open detection

  • Fuse wise open detection

  • No paper or printer door open detection

  • User interaction message on LCD

  • Type of test selectable

  • Memory storage for data

  • Real time clock

  • Internal data logger with computer interface

  • PC Software for data record

  • Your company LOGO & Name on LCD & Print Out

  • Soft Power-on for Full system


Our calorimeters are widely used for determining gross calorific values of liquid and solid samples, AUTOMATICALLY. User does not need to make any manual calculations, all calculations are done automatically by the system itself & then are automatically displayed printed & transferred to PC.

All the process is done by highly intelligent microprocessor program. We use special imported calibrators for Proper calibration of the system.

The controllers are specially designed & manufactured to achieve best possible measuring accuracy desired the user.




Automatic Calculation of Calorific Value / Water Equivalent

Yes, you do not need to do anything, everything is done automatically for you

No, Not at all. You need to do all calculations manually yourself

Microprocessor Based

Yes, with highly advance Microprocessor


In-built Printer

Yes proper test report is printed on “in-built” printer after every test

No, Not at all. You need to note down the temperature on paper

Report Parameters

You get proper report with

(a)Type of Test

(b)Maximum Temperature

(c)Mass of Tablet

(d)Calorific Value

(e)Date & Time

No, Not at all you don’t get anything

Peak Temperature Defection

Yes, this system will detect the peak temperature attained

No, You need no decide the peak value

User Time Devotion

Very Less, You need to fire once & you can then do other work, after the temperature reaches peak value the system will itself calculate the result for you, & will give alarm, thus saving lot of time.

Huge time devotion required you need no sit full time near the system & after wasting lot of time then also you need to do the calculations yourself.


LCD, Alpha numeric

Highly user friendly

Displays Message

16 x 2 = 32 Characters & Numbers

Old Led type, only numeric Non-user friendly cannot display messages only 3 or 4 numbers.


Full 16 keys pad.

Complete set of keys for proper user machine interaction


Real Time Clock



Computer Interface

Yes, for Data Logger Transfer, storage & reports generation

No, not possible

Look Out

This is what we give you

Old market type

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